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Georgia Soccer Park Location
The Georgia Soccer Park is located off Camp Creek Parkway just outside of Interstate
285. It is near the new Camp Creek Marketplace Shopping Center in East Point, on the
Southwest side of Atlanta.

The address is: 3895 Ben Hill Road, East Point, GA 30349

See below for detailed directions and alternate directions from GSP to I-285 North to avoid Camp 
Creek Parkway traffic.

Sports league for charter schools providing soccer,
flag football, basket- ball and cheerleading.

Detailed Directions

Take Interstate 285 to exit 2, Camp Creek Parkway. Turn West on Camp Creek Parkway.
Continue 1.3 miles to Welcome All Connector (the 3rd traffic light). Turn Left. Continue about 50 
yards to the all-way stop. Turn left on Welcome All Road.
Continue about one half mile to the traffic light and proceed straight through the intersection 
onto Ben Hill Road. (The name of the road changes here as Welcome All Road turns to the right at the traffic light.)

Continue 0.3 miles on Ben Hill road. Turn left onto the long curvy driveway of the Georgia Soccer 
Park. If you miss the entrance and go to far, the median disappears and the road will change to two 


An Alternate Route back to I-285 North (that might save you some time)

Return to Camp Creek Parkway as usual and turn right. At the first traffic light turn left
on Princeton Lakes Parkway. Continue to the stop sign and turn right on Redwine
Road. Continue on Redwine (through 1 stop sign and over the small bridge over I-
285) to Desert Drive.  Turn right on Desert Drive.  Bear right at the fork and turn right on Camp 
Creek. Take an immediate right onto I-285 North.

This route avoids the traffic on Camp Creek at the Marketplace when trying to take a left onto 
I-285 North.